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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

Posted on 17 December 2018

It’s the start of a new year, so why not add a few parenting resolutions to your life that might actually stick? Like most resolutions, which are easy to start, our top ten parenting resolutions will help make your life more enjoyable in 2019.

Counting from tenth place down to first, here is our guide to New Year’s Resolutions for parents.

10. Volunteer – remember that no matter who you are, someone out there is less fortunate. Take the time with your kids to discuss ways you can help.

9. It’s all about you – how often do you put yourself last on the list? This year, set some time aside to do something for you. An hour to read, a long walk or even revisiting an old hobby are all great ways to spend some “me time”.

8. It takes a village to raise a child …and that’s okay – we don’t always like to ask for help. Offering to do a babysitting swap with a neighbour or asking for a favour means that other will ask you to do the same. Team work makes light work – even when it comes to parenting tasks!

7. Teach your child life skills – can your eight year old find the bread, butter and jam to make toast? Showing children how to dial 999 as well as perform tasks like laundry and tidying are reminders that we all have to grow up some time. These are the skills that are not taught at school but are invaluable to your child’s transition into adulthood!

6. Read more as a family – is there a magazine that your children love? Take turns reading out bits to each other after dinner. It’s a great way to share funny jokes or comment on world news. Any age family member can get involved in this one!

5. Accept your own imperfections – it’s okay to get frustrated sometimes. Accept that sometimes it all feels like too much and tell your children about your own concerns and insecurities. Seeing that imperfection is normal is a safe way to learn about mental health too.

4. Introduce new foods to the family – this is an easy one! There are so many different foods available at grocery shops. Get a cookbook and have everyone in the family pick a different recipe. Ask the kids to help with the meal preparation too. Jennifer Tyler Lee says it’s the best way to get the family engaged in new flavours.

3. End parent shaming – we’ve all done it. Looked disapprovingly at another parent as they do or say something you would never do or say to your own child. The joy of social media means it’s far too easy to be critical. Instead, celebrate different parenting styles and let go of those negative feelings.  

2. Quality time – this is a combo resolution that fits nicely with number one. In a recent article, Kathleen Bellehumeur wrote that quality time doesn’t exist. It’s just normal time that allows for quality moments to happen. Whether or not you feel the same, the only way those moments with your children can happen is if you set aside some time to spend with them away from other distractions…

…which leads to our number one suggestion: Unplug with your kids! It isn’t just the children who struggle to put down their devices. Parents also find it difficult to move away from their phones, laptops, etc. in order to join in with family conversations. Make rule of no screens during meals and car journeys. It will encourage your kids to talk with you and open up about everything.

Overall, this year’s resolutions should be about balance between outside commitments and family. Spend the month of January actively pursuing these resolutions and the habits will form quickly. Then spend the rest of the year enjoying the benefits.

Happy New Year to all our readers.