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Packing lunches without the pester power – how can you resist?

Posted on 15 August 2016

Standing in the supermarket facing a wall of special offers for packed lunch snacks is stressful enough, throw in a couple of kids begging you to buy their favourite cereal bars, sweet drinks and crisps and before you know it all of your hopes and dreams of creating healthy packed lunches are dashed.

A new Children’s Food Trust report confirms that pester power from our kids could see some 7-10 year olds consuming more than five times the free sugar they should have at lunchtime in one packed lunch.

Before you spend any more nights trawling Pinterest for perfect packed lunch ideas take a step back, breathe deeply and check out these ideas that won’t load them up with too much sugar, salt and saturated fat and work really well for lunchboxes.

For lots more tips take a look at the Children’s Food Trust guide on putting together a healthy lunchbox.