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Make the most of harvest food

Posted on 14 November 2013

Make the most of your fruit and veg with these 5 tasty havest treats:

1. Tasty vegetable lasagne, stew and chilli can be cooked now and any leftovers frozen in airtight containers. Defrost food in the fridge, use within 24 hours and cook thoroughly, making sure it’s piping hot all the way through.

2. Make a vegetable curry using any vegetables that need rescuing from the back of the fridge such as courgettes, cauliflower, butternut squash... the choice is endless.

3. Jacket potatoes make a quick and easy meal. Any leftover spuds are ideal for making fried potatoes for breakfast - dice and cook in a bit of olive oil or butter or try rustic hash browns for a change.

4. If you are making Halloween lanterns, make tasty roast pumpkin and coriander soup from the flesh. And if it’s not all eaten on the day, freeze it for later.

5. Apple and berry compote is a delicious way to use up fruit.
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Grow one, share one!
There’s nothing quite like the taste of home grown fruit and vegetables and if there’s a glut, share them with anyone you know who isn’t growing their own.

Make the most of tempting in-store offers by ‘buying one and sharing one’ with friends, family or neighbours.

Ever tried a safari supper? It’s a great way to share food by eating at different people’s homes – one person cooks the starter, then everyone walks to the next person’s home for the main course and finally move on for pudding. Challenge your safari-friends to make their part of the meal from ingredients they already have in their cupboards and fridges.

This article was written by Love Food Hate Waste and originally posted on www.lovefoodhatewaste.com