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Eat your way to a healthy and productive 2013

Posted on 29 January 2013

Food and nutrition is one of the top three issues you say you would like more support with, according to a recent study from Edenred. So here is Oliver Gray, one of the UK’s leading health and energy experts and author of ENERGISE YOU, with some tips on how you can eat your way to a more energised 2013.

We’ve all heard the popular saying, “You are what you eat.” There is certainly some truth in this because whatever we eat or drink will either lead to great health, high energy and our ideal weight, or poor health, poor energy and weight problems.

I have worked with a lot of parents who say they just don’t have the time to eat a nutritious meal. Time is precious. And when you become a parent this feeling can get more intense as you start having to juggle work, time with your children and daily chores.

But don’t let this stop you making change.  Like athletes, our body needs all the essential nutrients to perform at its optimum.  Putting the wrong fuel into our bodies will result in low energy and eventually poor health.

Eating healthily really doesn’t have to be hard. It’s simply a case of knowing what to eat and by taking a little time to prepare what we are going to eat we can really improve our day to day energy.

Here are five golden rules of good nutrition for health, high energy and weight management:

  1. Graze not gorge: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. “GRAZE NOT GORGE”
  2. Mix it up: In each meal combine good slow releasing carbohydrates & good protein
  3. Get the goodness: Eat 5+ portions of fruit or vegetables per day. Remember the good fats and regularly eat foods high in good fats, e.g. fish, seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil
  4. Stay hydrated: Drink 1½ - 2 litres of water per day
  5. Watch the bad drink: Keep below the recommended units of alcohol per day (3-4 for men & 2-3 for woman) also aim to keep drinks high in caffeine (normal tea, green tea, coffee, red bull) to a minimum

Don’t forget…

  • Be prepared at home and at work with healthy foods e.g. fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, quinoa
  • Avoid eating a big meal in the evening
  • Avoid refined processed foods as much as possible, aim for 100% whole-foods
  • To help achieve your 5 a day:
    - ­Some of the time replace the starchy carbohydrates like pasta, rice, noodles, potatoes and bread with double the normal amount of vegetables, e.g. chicken stir fry with no rice or noodles just double the amount vegetables
    - Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack on fresh fruit and combine with seeds or nuts
    - ­Start the day with a full 1½ or 2 litre bottle of water and finish it by the end of the day

Edenred has partnered with energiseYou to run a free live webinar, on 31 January 2013. Click here to register (places are limited).

It is just 45 minutes and will offer practical advice that will help you stay energized in 2013. It will cover:

  • Why it is all about your habits?
  • The top 7 things that are most draining on your energy
  • The top 10 habits for great energy
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