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The secret of high energy parents

Posted on 20 September 2017

Lack of sleep, no time to eat a healthy dinner, no time to grab a glass of water, no ‘me’ time – just no time whatsoever! These are comments I often hear from parents who want to give their health and energy a boost.

Whilst being a parent can be very rewarding children can also play a huge factor in draining our energy. But so can lots of things – people, regardless of their age, can drain your energy, technology, a difficult boss and so the list goes on. It’s how we deal with these things that has an impact on how energised we feel.

A ‘BUT’ may pop into your head at this point. But think of those you know – there will be some people who have high energy with children and some without. Think about what they do…

Number one has to be to start taking control of your own health and energy. You can make positive changes to your health and energy you just need to be in the right mindset. 

By making some very simple changes to your lifestyle you have a huge opportunity to improve your health and energy.  

Start today by completing my free online 10 minute health and energy check at www.energiseyou.com/free-energy-test This will give you an energy score for the following areas: mind management and resilience, nutrition, exercise, sleep, re-energising, smart computer use and work-life balance. 

In the meantime, here are some tips to get you started:

Turn your diet on its head

Eat a high energy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack so dinner is light. For example, healthy protein, lots of vegetables and no heavy carbohydrates. This aids digestion, boosts energy, helps with weight loss and aids sleep.

Meals don’t have to take long it’s simply about being prepared. Take your breakfast as an example – this can simply be a mixture of porridge oats mixed with some seeds, blueberries and rice/almond milk.

Ditch technology at least one hour before bed

To improve your sleep stay away from the television, laptop, phone or any other technology. 

Reduce the big 4 modern addictions:

  • Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Technology
  • Excessive thinking

Less of these = more energy

More of these = less energy

20 minutes of morning movement

Try to kick-start your energy each day with 20 minutes of movement. This doesn’t mean you have to go to gym – it might be walking to the nursery or spending time with your children outside in the park.

Diarise your high-energy people

The people you love energise you, make sure you see them each week to re-energise.

Stop multitasking it’s draining your energy

Instead of trying to do everything, try to focus on one thing at a time, whether this is helping your children with their homework or having a shower. Your energy will improve as a result and life will be richer and more fulfilling.

End of day brain dump

Giving yourself 10 minutes of stop time at the end of your day to brain dump will help you switch off from work or things that have been bothering you, it will help your evening energy and it aids sleep.

Break from computers

We weren’t designed to sit for hours in front of that box. Make sure you take a break every hour and always take your lunch away from computer.

Take action on your biggest problem

What’s the BIG problem that’s draining your energy? Write it down and set yourself three actions to move towards a resolution.

Oliver Gray is author of ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health and energy plan. His new book focuses on bringing together all the best information on health, energy & happiness in one easy-to-implement system for change. For more information visit www.energiseyou.com/energiseyou-book

Article by Energiseyou.  The views are the author’s own and are not meant to replace medical advice.  If you have concerns please contact your GP.