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The Challenges of Stepfamilies & Single Parenting

Stepfamilies have a bad image.  Single parents are either frowned upon or felt sorry for.  Think of Snow White’s jealous stepmother, the unrealistically positive Brady Bunch or Princess Jasmine’s desperate single father. Of course real life is mor...

Posted on 05 January 2017

Peace in our Christmastime

Ah! The mixology of Christmas or should that read aaaaaargh?  Blend together in-laws, elders, teenagers and toddlers, who may not be used to spending extended periods of time in each other’s company.  Mix with a steady stream of alcohol et voilà!...

Posted on 07 December 2017

The Importance of Dads

It’s nearly Father’s Day, which prompts us all to remember the dads in our lives. Of course, many children now have a different experience than the traditional model of fathers coming home from work late, watching TV, and waiting for mum to call f...

Posted on 18 May 2018