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The difficulties of being a new dad

There is no denying that being a new mum is incredibly physically and mentally challenging. However research has shown that many dads can struggle with issues like postnatal depression too. Some feel they cannot reach out for help, finding that...

Posted on 18 June 2018

Parent or friend; can you be both?

Can parents really be friends with their children? Or is it better to be the ‘best’ mother or father you can, and leave being their ‘best’ friend to their actual friends? We’re not going to pretend there’s an easy answer; unfortunately there isn’t...

Posted on 01 August 2018

Getting the family school-ready

Whether they’ve started a new school, moved up to primary or secondary school , or even just moved up a year, this time often brings about a mixture of excitement and nerves for both children and parents. The fear of the unknown can be daunting bu...

Posted on 18 September 2018