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Top 5 favourite parenting blogs

Posted on 22 October 2018

Parenting blogs provide insight and tips from parents on a wide range of topics. There are, of course, a ton of good parenting blogs out there. Below you’ll find a handful of our favourites, covering everything from travelling with kids, adoption and alternative parents, these blogs are just the tip of the iceberg. Bookmark your favourite parenting sites as a handy reference for any situation.

Going Green

If you want to take an environmentally friendly approach to parenting but don’t know where to start, The Green Parent is a good base site. There are useful articles as well as a good forum for parenting queries from the best environmental cleaning products to slow food recipes. There are quite a few competitions and coupons for money off on green products as well. One particular favourite blog outlines the best ways to use up food – including using the end bits of cake in homemade ice lollies!

A Dad’s perspective

It’s easy to think of parenting blogs as a mum-centric space, but quite a few sites exist with dads in mind too. The Unlikely Dad is based on a family’s adoption of their son and not only covers parenting topics, but it does so from a father’s point of view. Author, Tom, and his husband, Danny, embarked on a journey to adopt their son who was 10 months old at the time. There is a lot of insight on adoption issues as well as heart-warming stories about bringing up their now, four year old child.

Alternative parenting

If you are interested in alternative viewpoints on child-raising (most of us are!), Sarah Ockwell-Smith offers a site on attachment parenting which is helpful and more traditional parenting approaches viewpoints. Not all of the information is specifically “attachment parenting” as some of it is useful, no matter what the approach. Topics include pocket money good practice and calming toddlers at bedtime.

The Travel Bug

Have the urge to travel with your little ones but don’t know where to start planning? Tin Box Traveller, written by Claire Hall, offers information on a variety of travel destinations. From Italy to Devon, Claire highlights useful tips for a smooth family holiday. The site also has a great breakdown of various types of holidays including cruises, UK and international camping and resort trips.          

Realistic parenting

Do you ever get that feeling that the advice on blogs just wouldn’t work on your children? In ThatMumBlog, author Hattie Harrison offers up insights on what it’s like with three kids, how to make the most of their childhood and retain some of your own personal well-being too. With blogs on toddlers “addicted to dummies” and “what not to do at Christmas”, readers will definitely smile and nod through some of the anecdotes on this blog.