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Webinar: Spending time with your family when you have no time

Posted on 01 May 2015

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You may often feel that there's always too much to do - and never quite enough time to do it. Join our webinar ‘Spending time with your family when you have no time’ by Lorraine Thomas, Chief Executive of the Parent Coaching Academy. She specialises in reducing the stress levels and boosting the energy of busy mums and dads. She's also the author of ‘The 7 Day Parent Coach, Screamer to Sweet Dreamer and Brilliantly Behaved Toddler.

There's practical tools and strategies to help you create more time to have with your children and be the mum, dad or carer you want to be.


    How you and your children can manage time

    10 easy tips to create time every day

    Identifying 'time drains' - and disposing of them

    Learn quick ways to cut stress and boost energy

    Practical strategy to go from frantic to fun parent in 7 days

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