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Family Charity Ask You To Make One Change To Improve Your Family Life

Posted on 22 October 2013

Make One Change
Monday 21 – Sunday 27 October

Change for the better often happens by taking small steps. The Family and Childcare Trust’s theme this year is about the ONE change parents, businesses, employers and childcare providers could make to improve the quality of family life.

This week is National Parents’ Week  and the Family and Childcare Trust is inviting parents to identify the one change they would make to improve their family lives as part of the charity’s

Make One Change campaign.

Make One Change Board

Families and particularly parents and carers have such busy lives, and change can be hard to achieve, even with the best intentions.   Enter your ONE change on the Change Board www.parentsweek.org.uk/change-board. Together we can make a difference.

Your support is crucial to enable the Family and Childcare Trust to create a manifesto for the 2015 election that truly sets out policies that will ease pressures on struggling families, and makes the UK a more family friendly society.

You are also invited to take part in their two minute survey for National Parents’ Week 2013. Survey is now closed.

Make One Change aims to build a picture of the small changes that can make the most difference to families, ensuring the Family and Childcare Trust concentrates its campaigning work on the issues that matter most to parents. Please complete a short online survey at www.parentsweek.org.uk.  

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