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Save more money in 2018

Posted on 05 January 2018

Did you know 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? But how about a resolution you can easily keep? Save more money in 2018. There are plenty of really simple ways you can save money on everything from your supermarket shopping to your favourite fashion brand. We’ve rounded up our top 5 easiest ways to save big this year.

1. Know where your money goes. Take a glance over your 2017 incomings and outgoings; identify if there’s anything you’re paying for that you shouldn’t be or don’t need to and cancel it. Use a tool like MoneySavingExpert’s Demotivator to see how much that daily or weekly treat really costs you. Facing up to how much you’re spending on what will help you make smarter decisions about your finances.

2. Make a meal plan and stick to your shopping list. Plan out what you want to eat during the week and only buy what you need to make it - cutting both costs and food waste (the average family of 4 wastes £60 of food every month!). Make sure to check your cupboards for staples that could shape your meal plan (e.g. lasagne sheets). Knowing what you’ve got for dinner, and having everything available to make it, can help reduce the temptation to order costly takeaways too.  Plus, if you’re trying to eat more healthily as a family, planning ahead will help you stick to it.

3. Use multiple discounts. You could save more in the sales by using discount codes or coupons on top of sale prices. Or if your employer has an employee savings scheme you could get additional savings at major shops and restaurants.

4. Watch out for special promotions. Whether it's your regular supermarket or your favourite clothing brand, sign up to email alerts or follow them on social media, and watch out for special offers and discounts to help you save more.

5. Ask if your employer offers retail savings. Many employers offer discounts at retailers, restaurants, and more, as an employee benefit. With these savings you could pay less for the shopping you do regularly as well as any big one-off purchases.