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10 common myths about Childcare Vouchers

Posted on 16 July 2018

Childcare Vouchers schemes will close to new joiners from 4th October 2018, so parents need to now decide whether they'll benefit from them, and then sign up before it's too late. To make things clearer, we've put a list together of 10 of the most common myths about Childcare Vouchers, so that no one misses out on the savings they're entitled to.

You might already know the basics of Childcare Vouchers, but they’re actually more widely used than most people think.

With the cost of childcare rising, we want parents to know all the details about support that is available to them through the scheme. Until thier children are 15 years old, both mums and dads can save money when paying for most childcare.

Myth 1:       “My partner already uses them.”

FACT: Both parents can use Childcare Vouchers, so the savings can be doubled. If your other half is working, make sure they’re claiming too.

Myth 2:       “My children are too old and no longer need childcare.”

FACT: Childcare Vouchers are for children aged up to 15 years old, 16 years old for children with a disability. The vouchers can be used on activities where your child is being cared for including breakfast and afterschool clubs, tutors, summer camps and more.

Myth 3:    “I can’t afford it.”

FACT: It costs you nothing to join and it’s designed to save you money on your childcare costs. It can save your family up to £1,867 a year!

Myth 4:    “I don’t use nurseries so wouldn’t use them.”

FACT: Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for so many different types of childcare including home-based care (childminders, nannies), pre-school care (nursery schools, play schools, crèches) and care for older children (out of school clubs, breakfast clubs, after school clubs, homework clubs, boarding, holiday clubs, sports clubs, music lessons, extra tuition, dance classes)

Myth 5:      “I already pay my carer(s) by standing order.”

FACT: You can continue this through the Childcare Vouchers website. It works just like internet banking and you can set up standing orders with multiple carers.

Myth 6:   “Tax-Free Childcare is available now, so I don't need to join this”

FACT: If you are getting Childcare Vouchers before the 4th October deadline, you can continute to do so. Not everyone will benefit from Tax-Free Childcare, some will be better off with childcare vouchers and not everyone is eligible.

Myth 7:     “I’m not eligible for Childcare Vouchers.”

FACT: Most employed people are.

Myth 8:     “My employer doesn’t do the scheme.”

FACT: Hundreds of thousands of companies are already offering the scheme and if they’re not, any company can join, no matter how big or small.

Myth 9:     “I always forget to join or I put it off - I’m just too busy.”

FACT: Childcare Vouchers can make it even easier for busy parents to budget and manage childcare costs. Joining the scheme is easy and the funds are paid into your account where you can set up standing orders to your carer(s). 

Myth 10:   “It sounds messy and complicated.”

FACT: It’s quick and simple to set up as your employer will manage any admin. From then, your Childcare Vouchers will be available online automatically each pay day.

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If the employer of any of your family or friends is yet to start a scheme, there's not a moment to lose. Any parent can join the scheme, they just need to speak to their employer to sign up.