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Want to know more about Childcare Vouchers? Visit Working Parents Zone

Posted on 28 April 2015

Working parents have lots of different types of support available to help them with the growing cost of childcare. Visit Working Parents Zone to discover how your family can save money through employer Childcare Vouchers.

Working Parents Zone is a free online exhibition space with videos, downloads and information. You can visit anytime, anywhere to:

  • Learn about Childcare Vouchers savings for your family
  • Find out how Childcare Vouchers work and where you can use them
  • Regular live Q&A chat from Childcare Voucher experts
  • Join in webinars and FAQ videos

Go to www.workingparentszone.co.uk and join now!

Do your friends with kids save money on childcare?

They might be missing out on the savings they’re entitled to through Childcare Vouchers.

Tell them to go to www.workingparentszone.co.uk to find out what’s best for their family.

Working Parents Zone is run by Edenred and iVent.