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From afterschool clubs to extra tuition: Save money on all childcare

Posted on 29 April 2015

Few jobs fall neatly into the school day and school holidays, so most parents require wrap-around care until they are happy with their child being home alone.

The good news is you can still use Childcare Vouchers after your child finishes full time nursery care. You’ll continue saving money with Childcare Vouchers up until your child is 15 years old (or 16 years old if they are disabled).

Any activities that take place on school premises (or on premises covered by the school’s Ofsted inspection) outside school hours automatically qualifies for payment with Childcare Vouchers.]

Childcare Vouchers can pay for care for children including:

Home based care

  • childminders
  •  nannies

Pre-school care

  • nursery schools
  • play schools
  • crèches

Care for older children

  • out of school clubs
  • breakfast clubs
  • afterschool clubs
  • homework clubs
  • boarding
  • holiday clubs
  • sports clubs
  • music lessons
  • extra tuition
  • dance classes

And more!

Most carers can accept Childcare Vouchers as payment. All they need to be is Ofsted registered, which most are. If they aren’t, they easily affiliate with Edenred.

Forward this guide to your child’s school so they can learn how to start accepting Childcare Vouchers. 

Need help with finding new childcare and family services in your area?

The Family and Childcare Trust have a great search finder for childcare in your local area for kids of all ages. It covers all the Ofsted registered childcare providers across England, with results provided by local authorities.  Take a look at their childcare search.